“In the Days Before Selfies” - Postscript

Now that “In the Days Before Selfies”, my final photographic exhibition, has been successfully staged at the TUC's  Congress House, I hope to return to my blogging (my failing eyesight permitting).

Before doing that, I would like to thank all those who visited the exhibition, especially the large number who bid for my pictures in the Auction, enabling us to raise over £3000 for the three charities in aid of which the exhibition was staged – the National Youth Theatre, Music for Youth, and the North London Hospice.

I am especially grateful to David Puttnam, for opening the exhibition, and to Neil Kinnock, David Lammy and Robert Peston for being such persuasive auctioneers. I want also to thank all those who helped at the exhibition, particularly to Anne Sutherland and the volunteers from the NYT and MfY. I also owe a great debt of gratitude to Robin, Jacky and John, and Peter Singer for all the help they gave in the mounting of the exhibition and, now, the dispatching of the photographs, and with the brochure.

I want to express my gratitude to the TUC for once again providing such an excellent venue for one of my exhibitions, and to members of the TUC staff throughout the proceedings.

I have been delighted with the many compliments I have received in respect of the brochure “Before Selfies”. Copies of the brochure are still available, priced £7 (£5 + £2 p&p). If you are interested in a copy then please contact me via the Contact link here on this website.

If you should like to obtain copies of pictures featured in the brochure or the exhibition, some may still be available, and should be bid for stating the price you would be willing to give for a particular picture.

I'm also very grateful to the Editor of “Third Age Matters” for the piece about the brochure and exhibition in the latest issue of that excellent and widely read publication.

As to the Blogs

I'm hoping to do blogs on “intellectual” care, a radical education reform, and Corbyn's way-out entourage, but with the likely outcome of the madness of a lunatic who is unsuited to be president of anything, and least of all president of the USA, and the putrid policies of Putin, the prince of the oligarchs, who will be around to read them? In which case, the other topic I have in mind, “Approaching Oblivion”, could prove even more topical than when I first thought of it.

Fred Jarvis

Fred Jarvis:
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